SensUs is the annual international student competition on sensors for health. By involving students, industry, patients and healthcare professionals, we strive to accelerate the development and innovation of biosensors and to stimulate education in this field.

Each year, a societally impactful healthcare theme and corresponding biomarker are addressed. Multidisciplinary student teams from renowned universities worldwide develop novel biosensor prototypes for the detection of the selected biomarker.

The theme of SensUs 2019 is “Managing rheumatic disease, by measuring with ease”. SensUs 2019 challenges the teams to develop innovative biosensing systems for the measurement of Adalimumab, a biological drug that is prescribed to patients with rheumatoid arthritis. For more information about Adalimumab, please visit our wiki

The student teams present their results to university representatives, companies, medical professionals, patients, and to the general public. A selected jury reviews and determines the winners for the categories Analytical Performance, Translational Potential and Creativity. Every visitor and online viewer can vote for the teams that inspire them most. The team that receives most votes during the contest days receives the Public Inspiration award.

For more information about this years’ theme, rules & regulations or the awards, please visit www.sensus.org.