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Supervisor: Masood Kamali

AdUp Sense is this year’s team from Uppsala University. Our amazing team consists of 12 members from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. We have everything from students majoring in computer science, electrical and chemical engineering to biology, pharmaceuticals and industrial management. Being at Uppsala University we have also been extremely lucky to receive guidance from experienced coordinators, mentors and supervisors. This large diversity in our team has been the key to the creation of ODIN, our biosensor.

ODIN is based on an electrochemical approach utilizing differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). Our sensor uses screen-printed electrodes that provide a full three-electrode chemical cell within a tiny chip, see figure 2. The working electrode is then functionalized using graphene oxide. This ensures that the capture antibodies can be immobilized on the electrode. The patient sample can then be added to the functionalized electrode and the measurement can be done. The results are presented as the concentration of analyte in the sample. The concentration can be found, stored and shared with doctors or clinicians through our very user-friendly app. 

AdUp Sense are very proud to present ODIN during SensUs 2019 the 30th of august, so please make sure you watch the livestream and vote for AdUp Sense!

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