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Supervisor: Prof. Leo van Ijzendoorn

T.E.S.T. presents a novel biosensor to measure adalimumab concentrations in blood plasma. This biosensor is based on a ratiometric bioluminescent measurement using the target molecule of adalimumab (TNFα) and a TNFα/adalimumab complex specific antibody.

As a result of the formation and subsequent recognition of formed TNFα/adalimumab complexes, a light signal is generated by the recombination of two protein fragments into a bioluminescent protein. To increase the reproducibility of the assay under variable sample conditions, a ratiometric measurement approach was developed. The ratio of the measured intensities of two colors yields a more robust measure proportional to the adalimumab concentration.

A sample of blood plasma and sensor can easily be put into a uniquely designed cartridge which is then inserted into the biosensor. Within 5 minutes, the bioluminescent signal is detected using an optical system by photodiodes and converted to an adalimumab concentration.

Therefore, T.E.S.T. developed a biosensor which provides decisive information on the current and future treatment, and realizes precision and personalized medicine to improve therapy of rheumatoid arthritis and other anti-inflammatory diseases.

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